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Hi, We're HelloDone

We connect you to your customers in


Automated customer conversations for Transport, Post Purchase & Utilities clients - we open up popular channels between you and your customers.

Get me to Manchester on Thursday
Please divert my delivery to a neighbour
My train is delayed. Why?
How much electricity have I used so far?
How do I get on the wifi?
What we do

We make your core services available to your customers on channels including WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger.

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"We make the stuff of everyday life easier for your customers. This isn't chat, this about customers actually getting stuff done via these channels.

All using automated, scalable conversations, with deep integration behind the scenes."

Our Focus

We focus on three key industries

So that we can deliver the best possible experience to your customers, we keep to a defined niche. We white-label our services so that you can use this expertise to take the lead in your market.

We make it easier to connect with customers to make the first/last mile of home deliveries more efficient and manageable.

We integrate with your key systems to deliver conversations which delight your customers and enhance their value to you.

Get quotes
Divert packages
Book services
Get rich tracking info
Manage loyalty points
Manage profile & preferences
Where's my order?
Hi Sarah. Welcome back.
You have two orders arriving today. One from Bike Spares and another from JL Furniture. Which would you like to discuss?
Bike spares
Your Bike Spares order is currently five stops away and should be with you be 14:40

Consumers expect to use the messaging apps in their pockets to get stuff done.

In transportation this now includes planning, booking and navigating journeys, learning realtime information and managing disruption in real-time.

Plan multi-mode journeys
Book tickets
Get real time travel info
Navigate disruption
Book extras / ancillaries
Manage Profile & Preferences
Hey, where's my train?
Hi Mark. Sorry, your 8:29 from Edinburgh to Aberdeen is 20 mins late inbound due to a signal failure
The train's past that now and will be with you ASAP
It will be there at 8:49 all being well. We predict an arrival at Aberdeen at 11:15

A utilities customer has frequent need for info and transactions, e.g. tariff management, usage tracking, payments, etc.

By resolving these needs using conversations, you're able to earn attention and create valuable opportunities.

Get quotes
Book services
Book service visits
Manage bills & payments
Manage loyalty points
Manage profile & preferences
What data do I have left?
Hi Sarah, you have 89MB left
If you top up by at least another 500MB now we'll give you another 500MB free
Just reply "top up 500" and we'll do the rest
Top up 500
Conversational ENGAGEMENT

"We believe that automated conversations will be the next big, sustained wave of digital customer comms and engagement."


What does this mean for your business?

Grow Revenue

Enhanced Earnings

The new world of automated conversational communication enables closer and more frequent engagement with customers. This creates new revenue opportunities and enables growth of current income streams.

Delight Customers

Enhanced Experiences

Customers will very soon expect to find every business available on their preferred digital channels. We can ensure your customers expectations are met, by making your services available where people spend their digital lives.

Slash Costs

Reduced Overheads

By enabling self-serve through automated conversations, not only do you benefit from channel shift, you also reduce the total volume of inbound customer requests. This frees up your best people and reduces wasted effort.

Our Approach

We enable benefits through the entire customer lifecycle.

Personalised conversations can positively impact how engaged each customer feels...and how often they'll be back for more.  The quality and frequency of interactions is key in driving top line benefits.

We can enhance your customers' experience at every stage of their journey with you.

Deep Integration

We focus on deep integration with the systems that serve your customers. This enables you to offer consistent functionality across all digital channels. It’s the only way to enable conversations with truly valuable results for customers and you.

Managed Service

Currently it’s rare for teams to have the experience to create, shape and manage conversational channels. So we work alongside you and your stakeholders every step of the way. We join you for the long-term, as a managed service.

Delivery Pedigree

We’ve been on both sides of the supplier/ client relationship. We know what it takes to manage stakeholders. You have your unique priorities, processes & technical road map and we align with them to support you and to deliver successfully.

Awards & Accelerators
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Senior Team

Ed Hodges


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Head of AI

Mark Owens


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