HelloDone platform update now provides order item info

We have news of our latest platform update, with some valuable new functionality for online retailers:

At HelloDone, we provide everything our retail clients need to resolve customers’ post-purchase queries, without human CS agents, across all their social channels like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and Instagram.

We enable retailers to resolve customer enquiries like “Where is my order?” and answer retail FAQs like “How do I make a return?”. Customers can also redirect parcels when they’re not going to be home. All this is completed on the favourite messaging apps they use every day.

Following our latest update, customers can now ask for personalised order information with questions like:

"What size shirt did I order?"
"How much is the jacket I just bought?"
“Show me details of my order”

This provides an even more engaging and valuable retailer-branded post-purchase experience.

Our latest release has also powered up our Natural Language Understanding engine so that we further reduce post-purchase costs for retailers. We’ve now hit greater than 80% automated containment of inbound queries with no requirement for human agent involvement.

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