HelloDone selected for TechRound 100

TechRound have named HelloDone.ai as finalists in their Top100 tech startups list. In 2019 TikTok reached position 66 and Revolut reached position 28.

We're delighted that in 2021, out of a selection of 3000 companies overall, we made it to number 72. A huge achievement.

You can see our entry here.

This is how we are described in TechRound:

The eCommerce experience after the “Pay Now” button is broken. HelloDone fixes this by creating an entirely new way for online retailers to connect with customers via the channels they already use every day, like WhatsApp & Instagram.
Retailers spend millions on persuading customers to complete their purchases. So why do they leave it up to parcel carriers to complete the experience? Doing this ends the dialogue at exactly the time when customers are most keen to re-engage, and when they need help the most. HelloDone resolves this issue with a new, AI-driven solution to continue customer engagement under the retailer’s own brand. Their white-label platform powers automated customer conversations on WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger… in fact on any channel the customer prefers. No new apps to download. No websites to visit.
Through their Software-as-a-Service platform, they enable retailers to deal with a huge number of customer needs automatically. This significantly lowers customer service costs, reducing inbound phone calls and emails so that CS teams can focus on the more complex customer issues. The solution also supercharges customer retention by providing clear, relevant offers and product recommendations. Their links back to client websites currently have a click through rate over 7x the industry standard for email alerts.
When they started their ecommerce journey in early 2020, they used third-party tools from Google and Amazon to enable the customer conversations – but the technology was not fit for purpose for their ambitious needs. So they hired some serious AI brains, and by “serious”, we mean European Space Agency serious. They enabled their AI-team to redesign the whole technology stack from the ground up, focusing solely on epic ecommerce experiences through deep-learning.
This means they can deliver the best possible customer experience and own the future roadmap for the entire platform. They’re not limited by any third-party as to what they can deliver for clients, or when. This year they’re expanding the platform to manage the full returns process and to deliver elements of purchasing and payments in-channel. Their target is to become the de-facto solution for retail messaging, initially in the UK, followed quickly by US and Europe.
Their early seed round was £3m. Soon they complete another round of investment to extend their IP, scale the teams and increase their client base. HelloDone’s current proof points include:
  • More than 80% of inbound queries into the platform are resolved automatically, without agent involvement
  • For one of their clients, Quiz clothing, the HelloDone platform now handles over 50% of their total customer inbounds
  • Click-Through-Rate from messaging channel back to webstore is greater than 14% and growing
Their mission is to deliver huge value to retail clients, and an easy, engaging experience for customers, across the messaging apps people already use every day.

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