Over 80% of customer queries now resolved without agents for Quiz

Twenty days ago we launched WhatsApp automation for one of our wonderful clients, Quiz. Here we share the phenomenal initial stats...

The results for the post purchase customer experience already validate our clients’ expectations....and the reaction to yesterday's WhatApp outage adds even more recognition of the importance of these channels.

For context, the HelloDone platform has been live on Facebook Messenger for six months already. This has been delivering value for Quiz by resolving customer order, tracking, home delivery timing and changes, location and FAQ enquiries automatically on Messenger, using personalised information.

Now we’ve enabled WhatsApp to join the party too and here are a couple of early stats:

- More than 50% of their customer inbounds now choose the Quiz-branded HelloDone platform, rather than traditional customer service and order tracking channels.

- After the first 5 days, 35% of the enquiries handled by HelloDone were coming through on WhatsApp. Now after 20 days this has reached 46% - demonstrating the huge appetite out there to use this channel.

- 85.1% of these enquiries are resolved in-channel, without the need for human agent interaction. This creates real Customer Service cost savings and frees up CS agents to resolve the really complex stuff!

These stats don’t just represent a major cost saving - the timing and quality of the engagement also delivers a significant uplift in lifetime value and per-customer revenues.

Thanks to the team at Quiz and our other brilliant retail clients for having the vision to support us. We look forward to delivering even more value as we grow and expand.

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