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Manchester brewery ShinDigger boosts delivery sales thanks to our conversational AI solution for e-commerce

October 22, 2020

We recently teamed up with Manchester brewery ShinDigger to transform its home delivery offer, increasing sales by 300% in the first three weeks alone thanks to our conversational AI for retail and e-commerce.

With its wholesale trade hit during lockdown, ShinDigger turned to automated customer service to provide their thirsty customers within the M60 with their beer orders in under three hours.

Using our proprietary artificial intelligence platform, ShinDigger has been able to connect its order management systems with Facebook Messenger. Three-hour delivery customers are alerted as soon as they reach the top of the delivery queue and able to track their driver while they wait. They can also manage their order and get instant responses from ShinDigger via Facebook Messenger.  

Unlike standard conversation agents and customer service chatbots, HelloDone’s conversational AI for retail and e-commerce uses natural language processing to power human-like conversations with customers.

Using artificial intelligence to reduce the amount of manual input in the order process has freed up the ShinDigger team to ensure they can meet their three-hour promise.

"One of the key elements of on-demand delivery is ensuring customers have up to date and useful information about where their order is,” said ShinDigger Co-founder Paul Delamere. HelloDone has helped us achieve that and also allowed us to automatically answer the main questions that our customers have. In turn this has meant we can focus our resources on ensuring a great (and speedy) delivery experience!" 

The service has been a big hit with locals, receiving over 1,000 five-star reviews and a 99% satisfaction rating. If that wasn’t enough, the automated customer service platform has also earned ShinDigger ‘Best Food and Drink Box Delivery’ at the Manchester Food and Drink Festival Awards.

“We started our business believing that the technology available today can offer consumers better and easier ways to ‘get stuff done’,” added HelloDone CEO Ed Hodges. “Happily, buying delicious beer now fits in that category. By embracing the future of delivery and customer management, the ShinDigger team has shown what’s possible in tough market conditions. We’re thrilled, but not surprised, to see them delighting customers with their award-winning service.”

If you’d like to learn more about how conversational AI can make life easier for both your e-commerce business and your customers, contact us via the ‘Get in touch’ button or find us on LinkedIn and Twitter.

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